Toll-in Testing

Testing to Control Quality

KGM provides toll-in testing, a service to control that the quality of your products meets all the requisite standards, performed by highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff graduated from the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L). The test will be conducted in our laboratory facilities, such as microbiology, psycho-chemistry, and/or biochemistry laboratory, which had been certified complied to the EU GMP based on the audit undertook by PCI Pharma Services in 2020. All processes performing with established procedure and validated method. A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) will be given as the result of the test.

Our Labs and Testing Capabilities

Each of the labs implementing Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and equipped with advanced instrumentations that will surely give the best results. Complete your protein characterization now with the evaluation of capillary electrophoresis, ELISA-based testing, cell-based assay potency evaluation determination, quantitative PCR of residual examination, and many more, by hitting us up through our contact information.