Process and Analytical Development

Proficiency of Us

From Development of Upstream Process, Downstream Process, to Formulation, our experienced scientists will provide tailored solutions and enable your molecules to reach the market on time. We have the know-how to optimize your process to its most optimum yield. From cell bank preparation, media development up to efficient downstream process, we will improve your process to produce the highest quality and purity of product with maximal yield.

Expertise and Skills

Our analytical method development team is ready to support your product analysis to their most complex nature. We are equipped with broad-range development capabilities from Capillary Electrophoresis, Cell-Based in-vitro assay, and other relevant standard antibody methods. We have substantial experience in method development, method validation, and stability study to analyze your monoclonal antibody, fusion protein, blood factor, enzyme, and any other biopharmaceutical product.